dingli 3

Main spec.

  • Working height:14.00m
    ● S.W.L:136kg

Important features

  • self-leveling outriggers with sensor system, LED display, safe and reliable
    ● Tilt back frame to reduce the machine height and easy to transport
    ● Trunk loading device, convenient for loading alone
    ● AC/DC Power system optional


Model GTWY14-1200
Max.working height 14.00m
Working Height 12.00m
Overall Length(Stowed) 1.45m
Overall Length(Tilted Back) 2.95m
Overall Width(B) 0.73m
Overall Height(Stowed) 2.77m
Overall Height(Tilted Back) 1.95m
Outrigger Footprint(L/W) 1.92m/2.16m
Platform Size(Length/Width) 0.69m×0.60m
Ground Clearance 0.06m