About us

Established in 1974, Qatar Tractor & Equipment Co. is Taleb Group’s second venture and the largest. Ever since its operations started 44 years ago, the group has managed a strong foothold in its line of business.
The company deals with a wide range of heavy duty equipment operations ,covering agencies of international brands , spares stock sales and services such as After sale service, Workshop , Plant & Equipment hire , Equipment Testing & Calibration etc. Located in the industrial area with a total area of 48,000 sq meters, the company aggressively deals with large inventory of Caterpillar and Mercedes spare parts,genuine spare parts and OEM and replacement parts from quality manufacturers and a broad range of heavy equipment spare parts.
By virtue of its representative of leading construction machinery brands and resultant business relation with the construction Groups in the country , the division also has a plant hire wing with well established network for long term leasing /rentals . A well laid out workshop and After Sale Service Department with state of the art machinery caters essentially to the in-house needs of plant hire equipment and the indigenous productions by the company. A comprehensive,high tech unit is newly placed for calibration and testing of heavy equipment like cranes and pumps etc.